Sunday, February 7, 2016

One month with Meta and still going strong… Or

Today is exactly a month since I started my journey. And I thought it is about time to talk a little about the journey itself, without counting kilos, calories, describing the workouts, the diet, whining how tough it all is and so on, and so forth… It is time to reflect, to think what has actually been going on in my head, to try to understand in what way has this journey changed me and my life so far. Because we are not talking only about kilos, calories, muscles and sexy butt here, are we? I mean, it might seem this way sometimes, but really – we are not. Those are just some of the visible results, some of the outcomes. Much more has been going on in the background, somewhere deep inside my head and sub-consciousness. Or not?

First and foremost, the workout has become part of my life. Even if it doesn’t fit in the schedule, even if I very often don’t start it with a smile on my face (cmon, I am just a human!), even if it intervenes with work… Yes, it has become a part of my mindset of the things to do. It is really on the way of becoming a habit, but I am not going to be risky and not remind myself: “You have to do it” every day. I think this is the longest ever commitment to workout and healthy lifestyle I ever had and managed to keep up with. I have to say, that even though I have not been able to follow the diet to the T, I still stuck with healthy eating – which is after all the most important thing. I think this is a right way for changing the mindset. I very often don’t have to tell myself “I am on diet, I should eat this”, but rather “This looks healthy and yummy”. And I guess this is really important.

This all been said, there are not just only positive things. I am still majorly struggling with the rest of my life. As I did start with putting the workouts the first thing on my daily to-do-list, it has moved my schedule at least 1.5. And I have never been good in scheduling and organizing. And instead of waking up an 1-2 earlier (which still happens sometimes), I keep waking up the same time I used to before, and then the workout takes around 1-2 hours from my work routine. You see, I am a PhD student, I have a free schedule to work whenever and wherever basically. So, it is really hard for an unorganized person like me to get into a good routine. I am still trying, and still struggling about 4 days out of 5… I have to start working on weekends too as I don’t get enough done over the workdays… The sad truths of my life. This problem sucks me into some bad moods and stress sometime, so the next thing on my monthly agenda is to GET INTO A ROUTINE. It is hard to start working out, but for me it is even harder to start doing so without hurting my other spheres of my life: professional and personal. Hence, this will be the agenda for month 2.

This is me working, and this will be my pastime in the next months. Bring it on!

Besides that, I think I positively see differences in my life. I have more energy. I am on average more positive. And I am feeling more confident.

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