Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Foods in weeks what is it 6 and 6 5

So I finally have time to talk a little about food... Yes, I am not using "diet" on purpose right now, as...  well I wasnt so good following Tracys diet in the past 2 weeks. All the roller-coaster of life started in the end of Week 5. Which was already past 30-day-diet-trial-period I set for myself from the start. I have to say, I almost arrived at my desired weight, so now I am concentrating more on keeping it and not gaining more. Though I would still not mind to lose another 1-2 kilos. But... well, I had some things going on, so it was pretty hard to stick to the diet to the T. 

In the end of week 5 (Nutrient Boost...) my sweetheart was visiting from Prague - and hey I just cant resist going for a nice dinner out with him (or two! :D) So we again went to the wonderful Le Gril place on the Weser river bank (definitely recommended to anyone visiting Bremen!!!) - I tried to stick to the grill and salad, and nothing more, and as before Le Gril didnt disappoint us - it was yummy-amazing! :)
With a little bit of dry Martini... romantic atmosphere... great company... What else do you need?!
Beef steak and some salad
Breakfasts - I decided to stick to a sort of Body Reset Weeks breakfasts: with eggs and fruits. A little variation of this - with some cheese and tomato on the side... And sweetheart loved it too - wonderful huh? I find it really great when the loved ones support you and you may not change only your own life, but get into more healthier habits the people around you. Everyone can do without breads, but fruits and veggies are vital. Here we go...
Poached eggs, cheese, tomatoes, pineapple. Some green tea with mint as well - but not on the picture. Great start of the day!
The next day we dined in a nice traditional restaurant situated directly in the Bremen Town Hall!!! Just for a side remark - Town Hall is THE building in Bremen, originally built in 1410 (YES, Bremen is THAT old - and even older!!!).  A huge basement-located restaurant, the wine was AMAZING! Ratskeller (in German the name of those basement places in Town Halls - directly can be translated as something like "council basement or cellar") have traditionally stored lots of different wines, and the one in Bremen apparently have  had one of the biggest collections!  German wine is not that bad, people! Thats a great discovery! Since that  time I already brought a visitor there for some wine and cheese. Very nice! 
Great red wine... 

Cant say that the food offered a lot of healthy choices though. Well, its traditional German and North-German-Bremish cuisine, so a lot of dishes with something fried and deep-fried (which is a definite and absolute no-go for me - anywhere I go, and was long before TA). The menu is though very tradition and impressive, quite a few vegetarian dishes and cheeses, and they offer their suggestions of wines for all dishes - which I think is a great help :)! But - oh well - I did take something not so healthy, but it was pretty good, and nothing fried (phew!).
Some backed meat with celery-potato mash and some backed carrots and parsnip. Not that bad, but - I know, I know - not very "diet-ish"... :)
In week 6 I did relatively well. Did the normal Body Reset Week with eggs for breakfast, some chicken or tuna for dinner, lots of fruit and veg, one protein bar a day, and topped it up with more fruit and a little bit of nuts if I was hungry. As I was busy with driving school and other things, couldnt start the TA week 7 properly (will try to do so next week - we will see how it goes), so this week I am somewhat repeating week 6, with adding a little more food and nutrients. Also, have some cheese, but still sticking to lots of fresh fruit and veg. My breakfast for example one day:
Some Edam cheese, olives, tomato and rucola. Yum!!!
So I call the current week "Week 6.5" - as I am still trying to eat little and somewhat follow the week 6 diet, but add some changes. The most important point: keep it healthy! I love the feeling of lightness and energy I get from all the fruits I eat. I am seriously starting to think of getting a juicer finally to get some power juices going! May be this month.

OK, talking about all this food made me pretty hungry. So Im gonna go do the MS and have a dinner. Have a great day everyone, and keep it healthy! Remember to listen to your own body, and dont forget - your well-being is most important, so if you really really want a chocolate, have some (dont torture yourself!). And simply kick it up a notch in the DC! :)

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