Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hi guys, I am selling my Metamorphosis Omnicentric discs. Need to move on, and I think I am ready to sell the discs now.

They are ALL working - every single one of them. The dick with Introduction and Cardio has a little scratch, but works fine, so just saying - there is one scratch. I ordered them directly from TAM website, so it is in original packaging (as it was sent to Europe, it is NOT in huge box, but in a small envelope).

I am located in Germany, so anywhere around Europe would be faster and easier to send to, but I can also send worldwide. For Europe I will pay for delivery, you just pay for the disks. Outside of Europe, you will have to pay extra for shipment.

  • 4 discs: Intro/Cardio, Transform 1 (levels 1-3), Transform 2 (levels 4-6), Transform 3 (levels 7-9)
  • Lets get started guide
  • Dynamic Eating Plan
  • I want to hear from you pamphlet and a welcome note from Tracy
  • Workout Tracker (completely unused - I used the print-outs from the website)
  • Tracys measuring tape
Note: There is NO community log in, hence I reduce the price a little bit.

Price: 70 Euro (I bought the set initially with shipment for 110 Euro) or send your offers to me in a message! Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

(Pictures below)

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