Friday, January 29, 2016

Week 2 shopping list

Week 1 is nearly over, and I survived it - even if with some ups and downs... Week 2 is coming, and I have to sort the diet now. 

After week 1 I still have some left-overs (cooked and uncooked). I still have some strawberries I was using for chocolate pudding, some apples (which I bought more than necessary earlier for the blueberry applesause). I still have 2 bell-peppers, a bit of cucumber, some tomatoes, carrots, one celery stick. So, I have much less shopping to do this week. 

Week 2 is a Body Reset Week. As I understand, this is the week, when you really are going to feel you are on diet. :) Oh well, fair enough. But at least it involves more diversity and chewing :)

Meals 1 and 3 consist of one protein option and one veggie/fruit option. Meal 2 is simply a protein bar (under 200 cal, over 15g protein) or you can substitute that with a good protein shake, or Greek yogurt with almonds. 

Meal 1 options are eggs (poached or hard-boiled) or turkey bacon. I chose eggs for all days as a protein option. The fruit options are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, green apple, kiwi and blueberry, blueberries and vanilla almond milk. As I have some strawberries and apples left, Im not going to buy anything new for fruit option - simply eat up those.

Meal 3 has protein options of chicken breast, tofu, turkey burger, black beans (or part of the combined meal option - tuna canned in spring water). The veggie options are also diverse - avocado with tomatoes and cucumbers, kale, spinach, a salad (basically). I chose chicken and tuna for the week (to stay on the safe side without running around looking for turkey burger and tofu, and black beans - well dont want to eat it out of a can, and if fresh, they require too much time preparing). Veggies - I decided on diverse salad and avocado-tomato-cucumber options. And as I already have some left-overs, it would be again easy...

So, my shopping list for this week (I have not done the shopping yet, so will have to go shopping first thing in the morning tomoro):

    14 eggs (or 10+6)
    7 Protein Bars (Rossmann, <200 calories, >15g protein)
    3-4 Chicken breasts
    1 avocado
    1 cucumber
    1 pack tomatoes
    2 cans of tuna in spring water
    1 pack of celery

What is great about this week is that it is not too expensive, and I can actually eat out somewhere - just getting a chicken breast and some small salad would do the trick. However, I have to say, this week will also be interrupted - on Saturday as well, as I am planning to finally celebrate my bday... So may be we will go somewhere for a dinner, but I will try to stick either with chicken, or simple grilled stuff with fresh salad. 

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