Thursday, July 4, 2013

Zoo Humans

A brand new post is up at Psychology Today:

Zoo Humans

Hat tip to John Durant for the idea and to Erwan Le Corre for the name (and also to the originator, of course, published in 1969 of which I was unaware�The Human Zoo by Desmond Morris which I have now ordered from Amazon. John tells me his new book, The Paleo Manifesto has quite a bit more about primates and zoos in the second chapter. I got a preview copy of the book a few days ago but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.*

Lots still going on! Finishing up the draft of the book, working on chapters and articles for other publications, and (eventually) prepping for my presentation at AHS13. There are a number of interesting papers being published nearly all the time, and I will try to squeeze out more moments to write about them.

*Having read it now, John even has a visit to the Cleveland Zoo! I really enjoyed The Paleo Manifesto and will have a review up closer to the publication date. In short, it is a fascinating foray into one man's discovery of what it means to be human in the Industrial Age. From zoos to religious hygiene practices sex cults to monasteries to skulls to sleep to swimming in the ocean on New Year's Day, John brings together culture and biology to explain the quirks of modern human life.

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